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China Releases Video Of New Barrage Swarm Drone Launcher

Source:David Hambling, Aerospace & Defense - link

CETC, a state-owned Chinese company, has released a new video claiming to show the successful test of a ‘barrage swarm’ that launches 48 attack drones to saturate a target. It is described as the first practical Chinese swarming drone system.

The launch vehicle, with 48 cells for drones, is based on the Chinese version of the Hummer. CETC.

The details of the tests carried out in September were released on Tuesday by the Institute of Electronic Science and Technology of China. The drones are launched from a vehicle based on the Dongfeng Menshi, which evolved from a license-built version of the U.S. Hummer H1.

The drones are launched with compressed air, then unfold their wings and fly to the target area with an electric-powered propeller. The kamikaze drones carry high-explosive warheads, potentially powerful enough to destroy tanks and other armor. The concept is similar to AeroVironment’s recently-unveiled SwitchBlade 600, but deployed in much larger numbers, with multiple drones aiming to swamp defenses.

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